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Loa Edifier 2.0 Studio 5 - R2500

4.810.000 ₫
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Bảo hành: 01 năm

Tình trạng: Tạm hết hàng

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4.810.000 ₫
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R2500 Loa 2.0 có công suất 50 Watts, màng loa mid-bass 5¼ inch, loa tweeter 1 inch.
Có 2 đường tín hiệu âm thanh vào chuẩn cắm RCA.
Nghe nhạc được được từ thẻ nhớ SD, USB, máy tính... có đài FM.




 R2500 Loa 2.0 có công suất 50 Watts, màng loa mid-bass 5¼ inch, loa tweeter 1 inch 


 Có 2 đường tín hiệu âm thanh vào chuẩn cắm RCA 


 Loa có thể chơi nhạc qua USB 


 hay thẻ nhớ, và có cả đài FM 


 Màng loa Mid-bas 5 1/4 inch 


 Màng loa tweeter 1 inch 


Thông tin của hãng


Audio enthusiasts need look no further with this complete audio solution perfect for home, studio or office environments with the Edifier Studio 5.

This 2.0 speaker set is equipped with built in USB and SD card readers as well as an FM tuner and auxiliary input for connections to any audio source. Input ports and quick track navigation, volume adjustment and input selection are all conveniently located on the side panel control pad. The Studio 5 is technologically advanced with diversified audio processing, separately dedicated amplifiers for bass and tweeter drivers, EQ audio processing capabilities (V-EQ), dynamic range controlled loudness compensation and electronic crossover with cannon type speaker connecting cables. The 100% MDF wooden enclosed speakers produce 50 watts of output power provided by the 5¾ inch bass drivers, 1 inch tweeters and bass reflection ports. Studio 5 by Edifier is an impressive system for those who seek great audio.

Professional low noise amplifier coupled with higher performance crossover
5¼ inch (148mm) woofer and 1inch (25mm) silk dome tweeters
Easily accessibly side mounted, fold out USB and SD card input ports compatible with MP3 and WMA audio formats
FM radio tuner with 40 present channels
Side mounted control pad for input selection, volume adjustment, track navigation and FM tuning
Dual RCA input and spring clip speaker connecting cables
Magnetically shielded speaker drivers with 100% wooden enclosures
50 watts RMS total audio output
High quality 2-way, second order filters, 12dB/octave crossover
Calibrated flared bass reflex port, in front of the speaker cabinet


Thông số kĩ thuật sản phẩm
Hãng sản xuất Edifier
Bảo hành 01 năm
Màu sắc Black
Country of Manufacture Trung Quốc
Kiểu loa Loa 2.0
Tính năng loa FM, SD Card, Thẻ nhớ - USB
Total Power Output RMS 25W + 25W = 50W
THD, total harmonic distortion 10%
SNR ≥85dBA
Frequency response 20Hz~20KHZ
Distortion 0.05%
Input Sensitivity 700±100mv
Subwoofer / bass unit 5¾ inch (148mm), magnetically shielded, 6Ω, with bass reflection port
Tweeter unit 1 inch (25mm) silk dome tweeter, magnetically shielded, 6Ω
Dimension Active speaker: 191mm x 318mm x 284mm Passive speaker: 186mm x 318mm x 271mm
Power type AC 220V
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