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Tai nghe True Wireless bluetooth Cowon CM2 (mới tinh, nguyên seal, bh 3 tháng)

Giá thông thường: 3.500.000 ₫

Giá giảm: 990.000 ₫

Giá trên đã bao gồm 10% VAT
Bảo hành: 01 năm
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Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Số lượng mua
Cửa hàngTrạng thái
SVHouse 156 Ngọc KhánhCòn hàng
SVHouse 116 Trần Minh Quyền, HCMCòn hàng
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Giá thông thường: 3.500.000 ₫

Giá giảm: 990.000 ₫

Thông tin chi tiết


Tai nghe True Wireless Cowon CM2, tai nghe không dây bluetooth 5.0, kháng nước IPX4, housing nhỏ và trọng lượng nhẹ 4.1g.

Nghe nhạc chế độ single mode (một bên tai) pin được 8.5 tiếng, dual mode (2 bên tai) pin được 6 tiếng ở mức âm lượng 50%, hộp sạc sạc được 3 lần, thời gian sạc đầy khoảng 1,2 tiếng.

Có nút Play, Stop, trả lời cuộc gọi, hộp sạc có nam châm từ tính để ko bị rơi tai nghe mỗi khi mở ra, Dual microphone để thuận lợi đàm thoại.



6 Hours of Continuous Playback in Dual Mode Without Charging

With the CM2, you can now enjoy for six hours of continuous stereo playback in dual mode. A low-power circuit design and increase in earphone battery capacity to 60 mAh mean extended continuous playback without charging. The charging cradle allows up to three additional charges, giving you the confidence to listen all day long without worry.



Gold-Plated PCB Antenna and Cutting-Edge REALTEK Chip for High Reception Sensitivity

To improve reception sensitivity, a PCB antenna plated with high-purity gold was implemented, featuring a circuit pattern designed through sophisticated calculations. It boasts a powerful wireless connection by combining the latest audio chip from REALTEK. There is no interruption when on the move, whether on a subway or bus, and seamless sound is maintained in open spaces for up to 40 meters.



Smaller and Lighter - Ultra-Slim Cradle Design Perfect for Your Pocket

The compact charging cradle is slimmer and lighter than ever and fits just about anywhere.

The ultra-slim CM2 is only about 2 cm in thickness, fitting snugly in the pockets of your shirt or pants.

The earphones and charging cradle are very light at only 35.2 g combined, making the CM2 the perfect choice for your on-the-go lifestyle.



Dynamic 8mm Drivers for a More Powerful Stereo Sound

The CM2's differentiated dynamic 8mm drivers deliver impressive bass and clear, pure highs.

Enjoy a detailed, balanced stereo sound through perfectly separated left and right channels and precision-balanced tuning.



Bluetooth 5.0 for a Faster, Farther Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 5.0 is twice as fast as the previous iteration and offers four times the range and eight times the data bandwidth.

The double transmission speed reduces transmission time and battery consumption, and quadruple range allows seamless connections up to 40 meters in low-power mode.



60 Hours of Continuous Playback Without a Charging Cable

Thanks to the efficiency of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supported in the REALTEK audio chip and COWON's proprietary low-energy circuit design, the COWON CM2 boasts a playback time that is longer than ever before. Not only does the CM2 offer 6 hours of continuous playback when in dual mode, it's capable of 60 hours of continuous playback in single mode via the remaining charge in the cradle battery without the need to charge using a cable.



Dual Mode and Single Mode for Listening Freedom

With the COWON CM2, you can freely choose between Dual Mode for listening to music or Single Mode for listening to podcasts or audiobooks. You can use your earphones in a safer manner by using just one earphone and to avoid potentially-dangerous situations while driving or walking having external sounds completely blocked out.



Call Audio in Both Channels, MEMS Dual Microphones & Noise Reduction Technology

Call audio in both left and right channels. Because each earphone is equipped with its own MEMS microphone, calls can be made through either earphone when using Single Mode. The COWON CM2 delivers crisp, noise-free call audio by eliminating ambient sounds, including wind noise, through dual high-sensitivity microphones and Real Clear Voice (RCV) technology.

Seamless Automation

Just remove or insert the COWON CM2 earphones from or in the cradle and turn them on or off, respectively. When powered on, it conveniently pairs automatically with your audio device.

* Auto-pairing is available once the initial device pairing has been completed.

Charging, and Storage All in One - Double Magnetic Charging Cradle

When storing the earphones, simply place the earphones near the cradle to magnetically install them in the correct orientation and begin recharging automatically. The double magnetic charging cradle uses magnets to prevent the unintentional loss of your earphones.

* Please charge the charging cradle periodically.When the cradle battery is discharged, the earphone units may turn-on instead of being charged, causing the earphone to be discharged.


Check the Battery Level at a Glance

Pressing the battery check button on the back of the charging cradle will indicate the remaining battery level via the LED, allowing you to easily see when the cradle needs charging.



Sophisticated All Black Finish for a More Stylish You

The earphones and charging cradle are both finished in a sophisticated black color, accommodating any fashion style for a more stylish look.


Comfortable Fit and Impressive Sound Isolation

The COWON CM2's ear tips are available to provide optimal fit and comfort to users, effectively reducing external noise and enhancing listening pleasure. Included are two sets of medium size eartips for better practicality.



IPX4 Waterproof Robust Water Resistance from Moisture and Sweat

The COWON CM2 earphones are suitable for not only outdoor activities with snow and rain but sports activities involving sweat and moisture


One Button to Control Them All, One-Press Smart Speech Recognition

All earphone controls are available via a single button. The convenient multi-function button handles various functions such as power on/off, Bluetooth pairing, music playback, and calls. To use a speech recognition feature such as Google Assistant or Siri, press and hold the left earphone button for one second. Smart speech recognition is just at the tip of your fingertips.



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