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Loa MultiRoom Wi-Fi, bluetooh Jays s-Living One - Black

Giá thông thường: 10.600.000 ₫

Giá giảm: 9.900.000 ₫

Giá trên đã bao gồm 10% VAT
Bảo hành: 01 năm
Thương hiệu

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Đặt hàng
Số lượng mua
Cửa hàngTrạng thái
SVHouse 156 Ngọc KhánhCòn hàng (1 units)
SVHouse 116 Trần Minh Quyền, HCMCòn hàng (2 units)
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Giá thông thường: 10.600.000 ₫

Giá giảm: 9.900.000 ₫

Thông tin chi tiết


Loa Jays s-Living One có công suất lớn 30watts trong đó công suất loa subwoofer là 20watts, loa tweeter là 10watts. Amplifier class D với công nghệ DSP, 2 đường tiếng.

s-Living One có 2 driver gồm 1 driver woofer kích thước 3.5" và 1 driver silk dome tweeter kích thước 0.75".

s-Living One Loa multiroom, kết nối và nghe qua mạng không dây wifi dual band wifi 2.4Ghz và 5Ghz, tích hợp kết nối AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify, bạn dễ dàng điều khiển Loa qua app trên điện thoại ở bất cứ đâu trong phòng.

s-Living One loa không dây bluetooth có kết nối nhanh 1 chạm NFC, ngoài ra còn có kết nối có dây qua jack 3,5" điều khiển cảm ứng tăng giảm âm lượng, chuyển bài hát,...


s-Living One

MultiRoom Wi-Fi Speaker

Google Cast, Airplay 2, Spotify Connect

Touch Controls



Wireless music, everywhere

Beautifully designed, the compact and elegant s-Living One is the ideal smart, MultiRoom speaker for anyone looking to boost their music experience without sacrificing on style. Made to enhance any small to mid-sized rooms, enjoy JAYS’s signature sound - well-balanced, crisp, and clean - in the comforts of your bedroom, kitchen, or office.

Keep the music flowing wherever you are in the house with the MultiRoom function. Add additional speakers across different rooms via Google Cast or AirPlay 2 to have your favorite podcasts or music follow you around from room to room for a truly uninterrupted experience.


Smart Home Compatible

Made with ease of use in mind, s-Living One offers an uncomplicated setup experience and integrates into any smart home setup. Connecting the speakers to Wi-Fi, or pair them via Bluetooth (NFC also supported) to your smartphone, is just one tab or click away. Built to work with Google Cast, AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect, your smartphone allows you to control the speakers no matter where you are in the house.



AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 is a highly efficient and user-friendly streaming technology from Apple. Use any compatible Apple device (iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs etc) and stream your favorite music to s-Living One. With AirPlay 2 you even have MultiRoom functionality, by simply choosing several AirPlay 2 speakers, to play the same music all over your house. With AirPlay 2 support, your s-Living One is also prepared for being part of your smart home by adding it to the Apple Home universe (Apple Home App).

Google Cast

Google Cast allows you to stream your favorite audio from any Google Cast supported App to any Google Cast certified speaker. This works with both Android and Apple devices. Download the Google Home App to build a MultiRoom speaker set-up or integrate the s-Living speaker in your existing Google Home and use voice commands to control the speaker through a Google Voice Assistant device.



Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect enables you to stream music from Spotify to any Spotify Connect certified speaker that is connected to your Wi-Fi. Use the Spotify App as a remote control to control the playback. The Spotify Connect streaming technology is an integrated part of the Spotify App, and works with both Android and Apple devices. Spotify Connect requires a Wi-Fi connection, which also ensures trouble-free, long range high-quality audio streaming. Spotify Connect works on only one speaker at a time.

Bluetooth and NFC

Keep listening without Wi-Fi. The s-Living speaker is equipped with Bluetooth and NFC. This enables you to enjoy wireless music streaming without a Wi-Fi connection.

Modern Scandinavian design

Designed with Swedish design ethos in mind — an emphasis on craftsmanship, functionality and reduced form — the speakers are constructed from high-quality materials and finished with premium fabric.

With its clean form and strong silhouette, and colors drawn from the famous architectural and street styles of Copenhagen and Gothenburg, s-Living One is an object that was designed not only to bring endless hours of entertainment to its owner but also add a touch of timeless, subtle sophistication to any home where it is displayed.


Touch to play

Engineered with the latest inductive touch-sense technology, the intuitive touchpad at the top of the speaker lets you enjoy a true seamless music experience at your fingertips. Easily cycle through functions and control your music through simple touch and swipe gestures.

Looking to get the bass pumping or for warmer vocals to radiate through? s-Living One’s equalizers give you the power of sound-sculpting according to your preferences and mood of the moment. Choose among five pre-defined EQ settings - JAYS Signature Sound, pop, rock, jazz or classical to enjoy your favorite tunes. Use the I-II-III-IIII Presets located on the touch panel to store and load your favorite Spotify playlists or albums (works with Spotify Connect).

No one likes complicated software updates and installations, which is why s-Living One automatically downloads and installs software updates in the background while connected to the Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy your music fully and without interruptions.





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Thông số kĩ thuật sản phẩm
Hãng sản xuất Jays
Bảo hành 01 năm
Màu sắc Black
Kiểu loa Di động
Tính năng loa Bluetooth
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